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Oxycontin Review: Uses, Side Effects, Precautions & Overdose

Buy Oxycontin is one such medication that is helpful for constant relief against any sort of ongoing pain happening due to cancer. Oxycontin belongs to the drug category of opioid analgesics.  This medication works for your brain which will let you know how your body is feeling and is responding to the pain. 

This drug has a higher strength of 40mg per tablet which you can only use if you are regularly taking a moderate amount of opioid pain medication.  Overdose of this drug medication can also cause death if in case it is taken by a person who is not in a habit to take opioids regularly. 

You should not be using the extended-release form of buy tapentadol online for relieving the pain which is mild or one which will go away after a few days.  Hence using this medication for occasional purposes is not recommended. 

How you should use Oxycontin?

Never consume this medication until and unless it is not prescribed under the instructions of a doctor or pharmacist.  You should be taking this medication on a regularly scheduled basis as it has been instructed by the doctor.  It is not needed to use if you feel sudden pain 

Taking this medication without or with food after every 12 hours is compulsory.  If you feel nausea, then it is recommended to take this medication with food.  You can freely consult your doctors to know more about a few more ways with which you can control your nausea condition. If still, it persists, then do visit a doctor. 

You should avoid swallowing the tablet as a whole. Avoid chewing it, breaking it, or crushing it in some liquid.  Some people might face an issue where they cannot swallow the tablet easily or might start choking, for that sake; you should be consuming just one tablet in one day. 

Avoid wetting the tablet before you make it place in your mouth and make sure you drink enough water so you can swallow it easily.  The overall dosage of this medication will be based on your medical health and condition.  Just in order to gain successful and quick results, you should increase the dosage.  If you start feeling any sort of side effects in your body, you should instantly stop using it. 

What are the common Side Effects of Oxycontin?

Constipation, weakness, nausea, body pain, vomiting, drowsiness, or sweating are a few of the common side effects which can occur.  Possibly some of the side effects might decrease if you are using this medication drug for quite a while. But if any of such side effects are still persisting, then consulting a doctor should be done immediately. 

If you want to prevent constipation, then you should add your dietary meal plan with some healthy foods, drink maximum water, and do daily exercise.  You can also take laxatives about which you have to consult your pharmacist to know which one is right for you.  For reducing the condition of lightheadedness, keep a slow movement posture while rising from a lying down position. 

You should never take a maximum dose of this tablet because it is the doctor who has prescribed you this dose after knowing about your health condition.  Some people might face some severe side effects and some of them might not even experience a single one. It all depends on how your body has been reacting on it. 

You should inform your doctor about all sorts of side effects that you are experiencing during the use of medication. This can include breathing problems during sleep, hallucinations, agitation, mood changes, mental issues, confusion, urinating issues, abdominal pain, stomach pain, unusual tiredness, loss of weight, and appetite loss issues.  

Some serious side effects of consuming this medication will be difficulty in waking up, fainting, drowsiness, or shallow breathing. Having an issue with a serious allergic reaction is very much rare.  But at an ordinary level, you might experience some swelling, rashes, or itchiness over the face, throat, and tongue. 


Before you buy oxycontin online and consult your doctor about it, you should let your doctor know about certain allergies you have in advance. This drug is included with certain inactive ingredients which might be leaving some allergic reactions on your body. 

You should inform your doctor about your brain disorder issues if have any such as a tumor of head injury, or your breathing problems such as sleep apnea or asthma.  Some of the patients are often having chronic issues of kidney diseases, mood disorders, mental issues, or stomach disorders issue. 

This drug can also make your feel drowsy as well.  Avoid using all sorts of alcoholic beverages with consuming of this medication. You should inform your doctor in advance if you are also using marijuana.

Interactions over the drug can often change on the basis of how the medication is working on you and whether it increases the risk of serious side effects or not. The better solution would be to provide your doctor with a list of all those products or drug medications that you have been using over the past few years.  Until and unless you do not get approval from your doctor, you should never start, change or stop the dosage of medication. 

A few products which possibly interact with this medication drug are:

  • pentazocine
  • nalbuphine
  • butorphanol
  • naltrexone

You can increase the chances of facing severe side effects if you are using this drug with some other medication which can cause breathing problems or drowsiness.  These side effects can be drowsiness or shallow breathing.  Therefore, it is important to already let your doctor know in advance what sort of medications you are taking and what is their daily dosage. 


If you prefer to buy oxycontin online without a prescription, you should have complete know-how about its dosage quantity as well.  An increase in overdose quantity can make you cause serious issues such as trouble in breathing or even passing out.  Sharing this medication with ordinary people is against the law, so keep yourself and your house kids away from it. 

A doctor will prescribe you this medication on the basis of your present health condition only. You should not be using it later on until and unless your doctor has not prescribed you to do so.  A diverse sort of medication is much needed in that case. 

You should consult your pharmacist or doctor if you can take naloxone to treat the opioid overdose.  You should also let your household members and family be aware of the signs of opioid overdose and how you can treat it.


So this was the end of the discussion about how you can buy Vicodin online and use it as a pain reliever. No doubt that it is excellent in its pain relief system, but at the same time it is prescribed to consult the doctors related to the dosage amount. 

You should be taking this medication on a regularly scheduled basis as it has been instructed by the doctor.  You should instantly stop consuming the medication drug as soon as you start experimenting with the side effects or any sort of hindrance to body system functioning. Be careful!

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